This time round we as Picha za Wanga we thought of letting Rosy (our beautiful lady model) to share her story and she titled it :BEAUTIFUL YET BROKEN. It’s tragic when a woman gifted with beauty and talents and above all with indomitable will to succeed fails to recognize how influential she can be. She had so much inspiration after college, and the passion for tourism was deeply engraved in her heart. The industry was doing well and she was confident that she would secure herself a job in a leading tourism organization; however, this was NOT TO BE. A terrible post -election violence, hit our beloved country and the aftermath, the tourism industry came crumbling down like cookies. She tried to seek employment to no avail. Her friends’ stars were rising high but hers were crushing and burning. She stayed in the house and toxic thoughts were slowly building up in her mind. Her self-worth and esteem was so low and she concentrated on what she lacked. She was so deficient in self-love, so she sought to be loved by people. The more she tried to please them the more they rejected her. Her heart was broken in pieces and felt hollow inside. The withdrawal syndrome was catching up with her. She could not understand why love could not love her back. Her pillow was her only comfort which was always socked with tears. She refrained herself from looking at the mirror and felt like she was the ugliest being on earth. Most of the people think that what would bring them back to their feet when they hit their rock bottom, is a well-paying job, a flashy car, a nice house or rather lots of money and start making friends and the rhythms of life continues, but in her case, THE SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF A HIGHER POWER BROUGHT HER BACK TO HER FEET. Her first step was to neutralize the negative thoughts that had mounted in her mind. She read the word of GOD, listened to sermons and motivational books. “Positive imaging” by Vincent Peale is one book that revolutionized her self-image and the power of imagination. She listed all the negative images she had in her mind and burned the list to blot out the images. Occasionally, people equate success to big deeds they have achieved in life but in her case, a recent simple photo shoot with Picha za Wanga, left her all smiles. It brought out her tenacious, gorgeous and self-made woman, viewing life in rose colored glasses. It’s through our experiences in life that we teach people how to treat us but a woman who hears GOD is unstoppable. They say love is the answer to all human ills, but no one can love properly if you keep on despising and down grading yourself. She urges those people struggling with low self-esteem; they can soar above it, by positively imaging themselves. They should not let anyone pin them down because we are all equal in GOD’S EYES. The discovery of her love for nature and wildlife photography is her driving force and motivation. She strongly advocates that people should seek their identity in God. Her parting shot is, “if you want to change the reality, change the framing of your thoughts because what you meditate on, frames the reality of your world.” Rose thanks Picha za Wanga for bringing out her inner and outer beauty through the lens, art with a heart .It’s the simple things that you do for people that lasts long. #Mydaywithyou #Canonmonday #TEAMCANON: Chris,Laurin Richards(Kandybunny),Maina Muchangi (Mitchbwoy)

”When we first talked to each other, I knew we would always be friends. Our friendship has kept on growing And I’ll be here for you to the end. You listen when I have a problem And help dry the tears from my face. You take away my sorrow And put happiness in its place. We can’t forget the fun we’ve had Laughing ’til our faces turn blue. Talking of things only we find funny People think we’re insane-If they only knew! It’s the times we’re so crazy, that people think we’re high. It’s the times we laugh so hard, we can’t help but cry. It’s all the inside jokes and “remember whens”. I guess this is my way of saying thanks For catching me when I fall. Thanks once again for being such a good friend And being here with me through it all.Best friends forever” This is what these buddies tell each other while we are away!Laurin and Eva are great gals to workd with,very friendly to the camera just as they are to themselves.I enjoyed

TEAM 2014…As the year comes to an end today,we PICHA ZA WANGA wanna thank the guys who tirelessly work behind the camera,editors,directors,script writters to make sure we achieve every great shot that we want in the assighnments we had;Weddings,Cooprate Events,Documentaries,Commercials/Adverts,Dowery Negotiaons,Engagement shoots,Graduations,Family portraits,Model shoots,Church services,Studio shoots etc.2014 wouldnt be this great minus your support,skills,creativity,love,prayers.We truely appreciate and love you so much.May you b blessed abundantly.OUR FATHER, OUR GOD what can we say,YOU HAVE BEEN SO FAITHFULL DADDY.What could we have done without your direction.We are humbled PAPA.To all those who prayed for us,loved us for who we are,supported us,BELIEVED in us and gave us jobs we are greatfull.2015 will be BIGGER,BETTER IN JESUS NAME.

BM and Tahj Photography

My Day With You (Canon Monday) – Eva Aurina Williams

Pichazawanga continues on to expand on its project dubbed my day with you and we were more than privileged to host the dazzling Eva Williams. A photographers most prized possession is the lens and one thing that captured ours were Eva’s cute lovely eyes, word has it that they are the door ways to the heart,…