What are you worth?

I am sure ‘Money’ quickly rings in your mind. But I am more interested in your inner worth, that which we don’t see but we can feel.

Have you ever met a stranger and from the first contact they just breathe a wealth of kindness, greatness and warmth you never want to let go? Or is it that cold, negative vibe that you come across when you meet them?

Your inner worth is earned by the acts you execute while you serve wherever God has placed you. Many at times, we value ourselves based on our thoughts or what others might perceive of us but we forget it’s the Author of our lives who knows our worth and it is HE who guides us unto the path of service.

Here is an analogy,

Whenever you walk into a suit or clothes shop, you find them neatly arranged with price tags ranging from high to low depending on how deep your pocket is. Most shops compete to put their best on display so as to attract the customer.

Have you ever wondered, why don’t they display the clothes inside out? I mean how could you even ever think of that? Who would even dare take a second glance at the cloth?

Come to think if it, every day when I wake up I put on my shirts without caring whether its inside out or not but I merely care about the warmth…only up until when I look into the mirror when doing my face is when I notice I always wear it inside out… but heck who cares…. Am inside the house, my comfort zone. But when am prepping to leave the house I make sure I wear my best and look my best.

When I put both my best clothes and my morning shirts inside out, they both look similar with the stitches exposed… hem stitch, back stitch and running stitch (excuse my home science hehe) they merely look the same. The same applies to our lives, we strive to have this great out ward appearance but when we look inside we have similar skeletons, organs; spleen, stomach, the heart etc… I mean can one identify you through a million skeleton or better still by your stomach? hehehehe Not really, unless a DNA is run.

This brings us to servant hood and what it truly means to adding yourself worth. Many times we line ourselves up for the ‘pretty good looking’ spots in church in the name of ‘serving.’ we want to be where we are always noticed so as to gain the much needed favor. But remember that expensive suit you wear is given a bright look by the many hems and stitches inside that many people hardly want to see or even see. It is the appreciation of such beauty that speaks volumes of the heart of service. That which we do in private as service to others increases our self-worth………


Today we celebrate one man Nick Mwangi a very young charming  energetic man, I call him Nick Masuti coz I used to mostly see him in suits.Though we can’t quantify his worth we can simply say may GOD bless his heart for his selfless acts… How many of us would take time to unblock a filthy sewer? Not at your home, but simply at a public place… you reach a point where you zone on a sewer and choose to stamp and say it will be your duty to make sure it flows? And I quote, “So long as the house of GOD runs smoothly I will do it” Straight from there you get cleaned up and still go inside the church under a different capacity (Sound department) to serve the masses with love.

If you met this guy for the first time working in the sewer or serving up in the pulpit for the 1st time would your reaction still be the same? Would you meet him with a sneer or with a smile?

We all need to know our self-worth, build up on it on what GOD has called you to do, don’t skew your passion based on your neighbor’s gift and so you try to outshine them. In the kingdom we are meant to complement each other as we reach to the masses, learn to listen to GOD’s voice speaking to you and passionately forge a way that will lead many to CHRIST through your actions.


Happy Belated Birthday bro, I was to do this on your birthday but something just happened as we always say but I know its fate. May GOD who sees the inside, the stiches, bless you the best way HE knows how coz HE is the ultimate blesser. May your dream to be an international fashionister come to pass in JESUS NAME, may you never lack, may goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life and may you dwell in the house of GOD forever and ever You are loved.

Some of the pics used in aint Pichazawanga’s works.


Nick helping out with laying out JCC Thika road foundation with an overrall labeled ‘Manifesting gifts’


Nick with Kendi and Antony Ndiema
Nick with Ecko Dyda


Nick the Guitarist


Nick the fashionister


Nick with Steve Nyabwa


With Dj Krowber




With the Murayas


His other love Sound



2 Comments Add yours

  1. evansnzola says:

    thank you for sharing the journey of one Nick, From the view of the lens. thank you for sharing the kind and wise words of worth. Amen and be blessed in your journey

    On Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 9:38 AM, PICHA ZA WANGA wrote:

    > PICHA ZA WANGA posted: “What are you worth? I am sure ‘Money’ quickly > rings in your mind. But I am more interested in your inner worth, that > which we don’t see but we can feel. Have you ever met a stranger and from > the first contact they just breathe a wealth of kindness, grea” >

    1. Wololo just checking our website now after that long. Its been having issues but now its rectified.Thank you so much for reading and writing back,we are greatfull bro.

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