The Sarfora Smock Beaded dress.

Meet Clarice,many view her as a tough lady when working but when you sit with her, one on one,she is a welcoming,cool lady(words ain’t enough to describe her warm nature….). In the fashion world she is also known as I AM DAMSEL,as per her social media handles.Check her out at and

With the limited time we had because of her busy schedule,we got a chance to work with the lovely Clarice.

Dress: Sarfora Smock beaded dress by Shineafrica


MUA:Makeup by Kanana

Assisted by: David Kamau

Photo editor/retoucher : Laurin Khasandi

Hotel :Tribe Hotel

Gear used:Canon 60D,24-105mm Canon lens,Yongnuo 560-III speedlite,reflector and the HOLY SPIRIT.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Modina K says:

    Amazing.. ☺

  2. ogetoevans says:

    Nice work bro. Keep up with the good work.

  3. nick says:

    Nice job Chris. I like

    1. Thank you so much Nick.

    2. Thanks bro,so long waaah

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